Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story) thunder

I’ve tried everything to get to some sort of spirituality
and nothing seems to work. What can I do?

              Your question is your answer, isn’t it? You believe there is something to do to arrive at a place you have devised within your mind. Since you have created the idea of the spiritual world you believe you need to occupy to feel of spirit, you know that your answer is false.

              Arriving at a realization of being ME does not include any concept you might create within your mind. It cannot include anything that you are to do. This includes the release of the need to eat specific food, pray to ME in a specific manner, wear certain types of clothing, speak in a particular manner or think any specific thoughts. None of those has anything to do with you acquiring the idea that you are spiritual. They are simply distractions in your very busy life and add one more layer to that which you use to feel worthwhile.

              Your only worth is being aware that you are I AM. When you allow this awareness, and only this awareness, to be your constant focus, everything else that is causing your disturbance falls away easily. What you may run into, and I know that you have, is people, ideas, writings and teachings that tell you how to live. If you are drawn to any of these teachings, you usually use the attraction to sublimate your own natural knowing.

              Any person who attempts to teach you any aspect of spirituality is only as good as his or her own ability to stay out of your way as you experience. It is your life within ME in this dimension you are calling the earth plane and no one else can tell you how to live it. You constantly look to others because you have been trained to do so, not because it will avail you of any greater knowledge. When you begin to live your life as you within ME, rather than you as some other human being, then you will no longer doubt what you are capable of and live as such.

              The reason it feels like you cannot reach the level of spirituality you believe you want to reach is because of the version of being spiritual you have decided to focus upon. Rather than looking at what any other person may say is proper for you, why not live as the natural being you are, allowing yourself to exercise your true awareness and power within your life as ME? No one, no one, knows what is perfect for you within your life, only you. Since you are ME in a physical form, you have the absolute and complete capacity to life your life as ME with every breath.

              Stop believing there is some doing to do. There is nothing that you can do, no action you can take, that will allow you to revel within ME. Your conscious awareness of yourself as the perfection of I AM, exactly as you are, is the only realization you can come to that will suffice to answer your question.

              That is why I say that your question is your answer. Stop doing. Be. Be ME. Not as you believe I AM, rather as you ARE. Every single aspect of you is perfect exactly as it is. It must be because you ARE I AM.

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