Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story) thunder


For those who are not already familiar with me, let me simply give you a brief bio and then we can get on with talking about the alchemy of this book. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and kinesthetically aware of the invisible worlds. In other words, I see and experience the invisible in addition to the visible. I was born with these capacities making the choice to develop their many uses as I matured.

I have written two other books, The Call, Awakening the Angelic Human and Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention. In addition, I offer downloadable guided meditations and class presentations. While I have spent much of my life traveling the world presenting spiritual metaphysical courses, I now teach internationally via the Internet.

This book is a written narrative of some of the many questions people have asked me over the years. Some of the questions were sent to me specifically for this book. Most of them were the result of personal queries through email, radio interviews and question/answer sessions during my classes.

As I wrote Divining Truth, I opened my heart and mind to the responses within the questions from Cosmic Consciousness, the Cosmic Mind, or you might call it “the Mind of God”. Since all information is available within the All, accessing is only a matter of becoming coherent within personal alignment assuring the “telephone line” is open and the reception becomes ultra-available. This is not something only I am able to do. Anyone can have the same experience if he or she focuses on personal harmony within all bodies, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.

If you are looking for quick, pat answers to questions in your life, don’t read this book. It will not tell you if you are enlightened or whether you should marry the guy or gal next door.

At the same time, you can’t read this book without getting a much more expanded view of your Self within this incarnation. Read from beginning to end, this book becomes a source of constant confirmation of your divinity. Of course, this means you will be asking yourself to feel, think, speak and act from within that scope once you have read to its ultimate finale.

The questions begin within a general scope of curiosity and continue to a more defined, personal set of queries. Each response is given in the first person voice of Source, God, All That IS, the I AM or whatever name you use to connote the All. Accompanying each question and answer is a short story setting forth an example of the answer in action. Again, you will not find an easy assessment of the response in action within the storyline. It summons you to reach inside your heart to understand the characters’ application of the reply.

If you choose to read this book, I ask you to do so in order to better understand how to live a life of union, common union, communion and, eventually, cosmic communication. I would request that you set aside the limiting beliefs to which you are presently attached giving yourself the opportunity to view and live your life anew – from the aspect of the I AM. Herein, you will find not only consummation of duality; you will experience an invitation to know yourself as union.

In the words of this book’s speaker, come, witness yourself as I AM within ME.


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