Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source (the story)

The Atam Atma is the name used by Talish's people to express the One Source. It is the All. It is the I AM.

She uses Atam in expressing the world of consciousness. It is also the name Talish employs to express the realm of all souls.

When referring to one soul in particular, the phrase used is Atam-um, the extension of spirit as the individuated soul.

Below is a translation of the I AM Shamanic Chant that Talish used in anointing Nancy, Paul and Don into Shamanic Mastery in Question Seventy-Four and also as set forth in English on the I AM page herein. This exquisite translation was gifted to us by Theo Groot. The chant is translated into Lingala, lingua franca of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We stand in union within the unknowable
Totelemi biso na biso na makambo toyebi te

Atam-Atma and form as one
Atam-Atma na lolenge lokola moko

We observe no boundaries
Tomona ndelo te

We exist without limitation
Tozali na nsuka te

We acknowledge our eternal presence
Tondimi tozali na lobiko

Nancy, Paul and Don, you have come from the world of form
Nancy, Paul na Don, bino bouti mokili ya lolenge

You now knowingly live within the world of Atam-Atma
Sikoyo bino bozali na mokili ya Atam-Atma

Masters of form and masters of formlessness
Bakonzi ya lolenge na mpamba

You experience the union of all worlds
Bino boyoki bosangisi ya mikili nyonso

As Master Shamans in the Way of the Walking Worlds
Lokola bakunzi ya Shaman bokotambola nzela ya mikili

All the elements of Earth shall obey the sound of your voice
Biteni nyonso ya mokili bikondima maloba ya bino

The worlds of nature and the cosmos are one within you
Mokili ya bato na mokili ya nzoto bokutana na bino

I seal this command forever upon you within Atam-Atma
Nandimi mpo ya seko makambo ya you na Atam-Atma

Let it be done now and for eternity for the benefit of all beings
Esalema sikoyo mpe mpo ya seko for ya bolamu ya bato banso

You are now Walkers Among the Worlds
Sikoyo bino bozali batamboli ya mikili nyonso


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